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Thursday, July 12

Iran killing more gay men

The International Herald Tribune, amongst others, is quoting an Iranian Official proudly announcing "20 more men would be executed [which means paraded through the streets like we're back in the C17th at Tyburn] in the coming days on morality violations ... [such things as] rape, insulting religious sanctities and laws, and homosexuality."

Neither The Guardian or the BBC are mentioning gay people - Guardian: Iran to defy west by executing sex offenders. Rageh Omar's recent, otherwise excellent, documentary Rageh Inside Iran, again, ignored the executions.

Here's one story of A Gay Couple Who Have Been Tortured for Being Gay
  • It's happening in Iraq as well, turning into a deathzone for gay men.
  • Other countries on this list include Pakistan, Nigeria, Belarus, Russia, Jamaica, and Honduras.
London Mayor Ken Livingstone at last Saturday's London Gay Pride rally - he appeared on-stage with his two small children:
“This has become a good city for people of a different sexual orientation to live in.--we follow places like San Francisco and Copenhagen and Amsterdam -- but let's never forget these are just a few secure, isolated areas, in a world still awash with bigotry and hatred.”

"We used to see a situation a hundred years ago where gays and lesbians would be beaten to death and the police would turn a blind eye. That is still the situation for tens and millions of our comrades and sisters and brothers around the face of the planet,”
Livingstone met Iraqi gays in exile They have documented 350 death squad executions of lesbians, gays and transgender people and need money to maintain safe houses.


  1. This is a discrimination,very extremly taken.
    Im not a gay fan but this is not a sollution.

  2. Anonymous15.9.09

    I ask Iran to kill all their gays like Iraq has done. First you give them notice to leave the country then killed them.

  3. This is going to be the most appalling issue for the world, killing would not be the solution, we have to develop some strategy to curtail this ailment for the safer future...

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