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Tuesday, June 5

Bytes · YouTube transfers - Psychology of banner ads - Mash up Excel

Catching up .. clearing the scrapbook ...

Stevie Ryan, AKA Little Loca, has become the first YouTube discovery to get her own network TV show. She'll co-host reality-based "Online Nation". The half-hour series will showcase user-generated clips found on YouTube, Revver and other sites.

I hate this stuff - Al Gore's CurrentTV would be watchable if they got rid of the amateurish 'announcers' top-n-tailing some actually interesting product. Maybe that appeals to teenagers, doesn't to me. They'll be a looot more of this ... Little Loca's definitely got a demographic, girlfriend. Pour moi? One clip's enough. Later!


    The psychology of banner ads
    repeated exposure to a product via banner ads generates a positive feeling towards that product.

    repeated exposure to a stimulus that's barely perceptible can enhance a person's feelings towards what's otherwise a neutral object

    familiarity-based advertising may work best for impulse buys, where more detailed evaluations aren't likely to occur


    An OpenNet Initiative report has found - apart from what you'd think about the usual suspects
    no evidence of filtering in more than a dozen of the surveyed countries, among them Russia, Venezuela, Egypt, Hong Kong, Israel and Iraq.


    Motivation, context, and citizen analysis of government data
    Swivel is just one place showing how communities can use stats mashups. Jon Udall examines another on his blog and points at his own mash-up which, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, is publishing/explaning crime stats details.

    Talking about 'patient intimidation', he comments:
    Similarly, when your neighborhood is sick, you’ll be motivated to engage with government data, and you’ll build yourself a context for that.
    He likes Excel.


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