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Sunday, July 15

David Cameron 'excludes' my mum

ITV News has just led with Cameron's dire poll ratings, and 'in an exclusive' interviewed Cameron going very, very big with 'the Internet'.

  • Note to ITN: it helps when you have one of these 'exclusives' to post it simultaneously online: t'was not a mention when I just looked.
Lots of screengrabs of and Stand up Speak up, which is oozing web 2.0.

Trouble is the concept - yes, my mum won't be one of those contributing from the other side of the Digital Divide so democracy isn't anything to do with it.
Thank you for visiting our policy debate website, which provides a real opportunity for everyone in the country to get involved in shaping the next Conservative manifesto. The feedback we receive from this website will be reviewed by the Shadow Cabinet, whose decisions will be influenced by your views.
Nowhere does it mention any other route to contribute.

He has the nerve to call this the 'end of top-down, we know best politics'.

The execution is terrible too. It looks glossy at first glance but the initial video is depressing, the process confusing (untested) and way too complex. Needless to say, it's also not accessible. Have a look at the straightforward messaging of US Presidential candidate websites for a stark contrast.

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