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Thursday, March 27

'The bloggin' bosses'

No, not another insult to throw on the picket lines, Paul Caplan has an interesting update about which CEOs are blogging and how they're getting on.

Not that many are, Paul calls it:

imagine the leap of faith needed by a Boss. Like King Theoden in Lord of the Rings, they have their own (usually paid) Wormtongues whispering in their ears.
But the ones doing it are enthusiastic. Hardly surprising because CEOs tend to like to, well, speak and give their opinions!

And as Steve says:
They make it easier for those of us who are talking to the frontline troops in the public sector and saying: “Yes it’s OK to get out there and have conversations. Yes it’s OK to talk like a human being and tell stories.” Because now we can add: “… because look, your Boss is doing it!”
He has lots of links to these 'heroes/heroines'. Now I wonder how many union leaders are doing it ...


  1. Thanks Paul. Any leads to other bosses welcome. Just mail me and I'll add them to

    BTW, who is Steve and why's he writing on my Blog?!

  2. Re: 'Steve'. Yikes! Sorry Paul. There was a caller at the door. I'm adopting the John Ward defence ;]

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