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Wednesday, March 19

Oprah - Root of All Evil?

Lewis Black is a comedian and 'leftie' New Yorker with a regular slot on the Daily Show: one which brings new meaning to 'vituperative'.

Finally he's got his own show, with him as the judge in a format described by the New York Times as a cross between “The People’s Court,” “Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher” and Drew Carey’s improvisational “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” (only funnier)

The premiere had “Oprah v. the Catholic Church.”

Here's part of the argument that Oprah is 'the root of all evil'.

Other episodes pit “Donald Trump v. Viagra.”, Vice President Dick Cheney against Paris Hilton; “American Idol” against high school; and Kim Jong-il against Tila Tequila, the amorous reality star on MTV.

More video here.

Here's an anti-Google rant from the Daily Show.

And a genius rant at 'American Stages of Grief' from 2004.

Here's some of his stand up - NSFW! - about how America is not the #1 country in the world (and why milk is JUST MILK).



  1. oprah IS the roof all EVIL !! INDEED!

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