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Friday, June 13

Facebook scares me

Well I just signed up for Facebook.

Yes, just. Never bothered because it's 'another thing to do', I ain't trendy and there a wiff of 'been there, done that'.

But an overseas friend bent my arm so I signed up.

And I was shocked, nay, shocked to be presented on signing up, after giving them merely my email address and location, a list of potential 'friends' which was eerily accurate; egov, new media (Martha Lane Fox?), Australia. I really hadn't given them anything else, I swear, so how the heck could they know this?

I will use it for my charity work (+ sending 'gifts' to my real friend) but my experience seems to be that of too many people and I notice the industry buzz is that profits aren't really forthcoming and the business plan has holes - giant rat-sized ones.

If interoperability between social networks becomes real then who in their right mind would invest in them?


  1. It ain't that clever - I think it hunts through your Gmail contacts to find others who are already signed up on Facebook.

    Welcome, anyway! It's good place to create a bit of buzz around stuff.

  2. Dave, this was *before I was asked for my password so it could suggest from my gmail contacts!

  3. Anonymous23.10.08

    Hmm I just stumbled across this blog. I would say that when other people allow Facebook to access their email address books, Facebook 'steals' ALL the email addresses instead of just those that are currently listed in the system. So effectively Facebook knew people who knew you before you signed up. Just imagine what other information they are collecting!! Stay away.