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Tuesday, June 24

What ketchup now!?

Heinz has slunk away after 200 fundamentalists complained about a TV ad. You'd think the two blokes had their tongues down each others throats rather than a quick goodbye peck. It's not even clear they're a couple, or even gay. And it was after the watershed. Mustn't get the kiddies asking questions.

I'd posted it before here. Their PR about it, quoting Nigel Dickie (real name), Director of Corporate Affairs.

I wonder what John Kerry's wife thinks?

So it's not just the Ketchup it's:

Branston baked beans, Baxters soups. Lea & Perrins. Buitoni spaghetti, Jardines tomato ketchup, Hellmann's mayonnaise.

We should boycott in this era of international corporations ;{

Arrgh! What tastes as good as their ketchup and their beans? Readers?


  1. alternate option would be for the gay community to embrace Heinz, so that 'beanz meanz queenz' or something - that way you still get to eat the nice ketchup and Heinz get to be a 'gay icon' whether they like it or not...

  2. like it!

    lots of publicity but terrible marketing I suspect. The ad actually is not even supposed to be 'gay' - but they pissed off moralists - and now they've pissed off LGBT ... here and in america too, where they're very organised with that sort of thing.

  3. Apparently the great ketchup war of '08 is continuing - some MPs are calling for it to be reinstated.

    See the Beeb article