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Wednesday, July 2

Biggus dickus

Been dying to use that title ...

CONTEXT (bad translation)
The site french yesterday which covered the protests in France 3 has posted a video of the President of the Republic "off", before his speech under the presidency of the Union.

In this video aired yesterday via the site Dailymotion, Nicolas Sarkozy is in the hands of technicians and makeup artist from France 3. Faced with him, the director of news and three journalists. The atmosphere is quite tense. She still rises a notch when a technician does not meet the "Hello" Presidential.

The President of the French Republic, nervous, s'offusque then the attitude of the technician, "it's going to change," said he. Further, the president calls the journalist Gerard Leclerc on its placardisation, a few days after the signing by the latter with a forum published in Le Monde, before intimer journalist in the plateau to address the tragedy of Carcassonne.

It will not take more than 24 hours to take the buzz, video displays 316 000 hits on Tuesday afternoon and generating number of comments, particularly on the usefulness of the dissemination of material "In the context of a presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, a politician whose long known he does not hesitate to put pressure on the media, I think it is the information released a video which can be seen interacting with journalists.

It reminds us that tutoye journalists. What he said Gerard Leclerc, a few minutes of an interview, shows that blows hot and cold, "says Augustin Scalbert, Rue89 journalist who had obtained the video and was instantly broadcasts on Dailymotion. For him, the interest of journalistic document and the legitimacy of its availability on the Web would be further strengthened by the context of reform of public broadcasting.

Even his bell side Grevisse Benedict, director of the School of Journalism Louvain, which defends the launch of the video. "A president who has expressed during his tenure, which has twice makes comments who can pass for threats, two direct pressure exerted before the interview. That is, the President, forget that journalists are not in the service of executive power but to public service. As a result, elements of this nature have a clear public interest and must be disclosed. "

Another benefit of the video, for Benedict Grevisse, is that it can be read on several levels, with devastating consequences for the image of the president: "agitated character and manages to control politically, to threats, precise and barely veiled. It will affect lots of people to varying degrees because it talks about lots of things at once, " he says, still media french fairly discreet so far on television the incident.

Information or simple anecdote mounted pin? Approach or very salutary criticism in terms of ethics? François Heynderickx, a professor at the University of Brussels, will not validate about him not journalistic approach. "We're here in a very limit, namely that uses an image taken in a context inappropriate to limit privacy . It seems to me that using images taken in a context which denies that insofar as they reveal new, which justifies their dissemination or we could not prove otherwise.. " Images without real interest other than "find confirmation of what we already know" about the personality of french president concludes François Heynderickx.

Images, especially, who have contributed to establish the reputation of Rue 89, "which is there a way to remind the public attention, and it will be recalled that it was already with a scoop on Sarkozy that the sites It was made known to be î "and who, for Benedict Grevisse, strengthens its position as free media, compared to the traditional information channels in France. Ce n’est donc pas perdu pour tout le monde. This is not lost for everyone.
I think you get the jist! [Telegraph translation]

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