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Friday, August 15

An anthropological introduction to YouTube

Library of Congress presentation. Jul 29th, 2008 by Prof Mike Wesch.

Really, really good.


  1. Hi Paul

    Very informative - needs viwing by all commentatorson Web 2. Thanks for posting on UKIE-EDem.


  2. Paul, I've just sat through does take rtime, but its well worth it. I'm thinking I probably need to view it again....

    I'd used some of Mike's work for my work on web2.0....and this adds to me pointers towards SunTV for

    It does start to get a bit deep, scary and....well, should we be getting this 'into' all of this, after all do we do that for mainstream life...?

  3. he's doing good work ;]

    I think there's little implication for .gov save realising that youtube is a community and not just a portal.

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