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Wednesday, August 27

PUMAs meet child psychologists

Oh god y'gotta laugh.

The alternative? He might lose ;{{{{

Watching from a distance, no vote and comment actually being a big, bad thing (they don't like us Brits, shutting up might help) but stuff like global warming action, ending the war depending on it ... er, LAUGH!

The meme about the convention is 'where's the teeth?' and - absolutely - they have to get dirty, but the word I've read is they're saving it up, literally, along with all the money for ads (raised online). Stuff like Muhammed Ali will be @ Thursday's acceptance speech ....

They've learnt something from Kerry's swiftboating. McCain is full of gaffes - the 'seven kitchens' is a start on a rich vein. "Let them eat cake! Whiners!"

From 'Countdown: McCain's homes

I still think theyll' win:

  1. don't forget the base organisation for O'bama - because of the web. This was Karl Rove's real genius, turning out the base for Bush. + There's record numbers registering Dem.
  2. no guarantee the anti-choice evangelists will turn out - McCain's in a bind with them, as the vicepres choice is showing.
  3. Bush is a lead weight, Dems need to hang it on McCain, which shouldn't be difficult.
The real counterweights are:
  1. racism not showing up in polls
  2. Repubs are evil, they will do anything to retain power (Iran invasion? not just a scenario)
  3. the media are pro-McCain (aka "the maverick") - none of the gaffes are getting play
It is bound to be nail bitingly close - just as it was in the West Wing when Jimmy Smits won.

So laughing is a good option.

HT: Marbury


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