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Friday, November 7

Berlusconi in context

"Suntanned"? Was always thus?

Rory Bremner, you may miss Bush but I think you have your next impression.


  1. yes, Berlusconi was always thus as far as I recall.

    There is still an awful lot of racism in mainland Europe: witness the abuse Lewis Hamilton was getting from Spain, the racist abuse England players got in Madrid, or what goes on in other sports.

    That isn't to generalise: many countries are probably ahead of us in combating racism - but many are some way behind us too.

  2. I looked for a version of this set to the Benny Hill music ... maybe BH wasn't big in Italy ...

    I think the UK has something to be proud of with racism, just look at football. But of course there are big issues and a lot lies beneath the surface.

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