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Friday, January 30

As Zim ditches Z$, millions face starvation

From Freakonomics

This currency has now been completely abandoned by even Zanu-PF.

Here in zimbabwe we are rapidly reversing the march of time and heading right back into the worst history has to offer.

Zimbabwe should revert to the ancient Yap system where gigantic one hundred pound, ten foot chunks of shiny stone were exchanged for goods (Yapese discs were commonly made of quartz, can’t [Central Bank head] Gono just hit the Matopos [hills] for a bit of this instead of the endless printing of waste paper and slashing of zeros?). Rolling stones would be a damn sight better than the wads of useless Z$ that are often seen littering the overgrown verges of our potholed and treacherous roads. Nobody bothers to even pick up discarded Gonillions, unless they need a dash to the nearest fetid public loo to deal with the common bouts of diarrhoea brought on by mucky tap water (pray not cholera).
From Sokwanele.

World Food Programme to cut core maize ration from 10kg to 5kg a month – or just 600 calories a day – for 70% of the population.

What to do? Sign the petition to move the World Cup from South Africa. Here I explain why.


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