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Friday, January 16

Music: Gwen Guthrie

This is a (then) typically over-mixed 'Kiss mastermix' version of the great Gwen Guthrie's 'Padlock' — it's what's available on YouTube. Was, originally, sufficiently remixed by Sly & Robbie, aka the dub masters. No mix needed, because no value. really added, methinks.

Guthrie - who died at 48 - is best known for 'Ain't nothing going on but the rent', but her Sly & Robbie productions are the best. I also recommend the Larry Levan Mix of 'Seventh Heaven', which is - fabuleux! - on YouTube in its original, un-Kiss FMed glory! Levan being a pioneer who deserves worship, n'all ...

This takes me straight back to Sydney, circa 1988, around 5am at a Black Party ...

Here it is:


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