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Saturday, February 14

This way madness lies ....

Another Thatcher legacy? Or Gordon's?

From a post to the PSF Noticeboard:

Can Local Government accounting be simplified to make day-to-day management of services more businesslike and easier? Do we really need to employ accountants in order to have the IT department charging the HR department for the PC that is sitting on someone's desk in a corner of a room? If someone takes an air freshener to a different building is it really a cost to the organisation?
The poster asks: 'Does it make analysis of the true cost of services difficult?' Er, doh.

Gawd, I hate bureaucracy ...

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  1. In order for them to be more organized, their accounting work should be supported by both a manually maintained record (i.e. written), and a digital record made using an accounting software like Peachtree Quantum. The software they use should also be up-to-date so that all of the features they need would be maximized and fully functional. Microsoft already has Microsoft Office Accounting 2010 as the latest version of their accounting software line. Sage has the Peachtree Quantum 2011. I'm not sure with Quickbooks. Anyway, my point here is that they should keep track of everything. Keeping a written record and a digital record at the same time would help you in maintenance.