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Thursday, June 4

Only tactical votes for Labour

On his blog today Alastair Campbell makes the correct point that Labour has done well with the NHS. Speaking in Hull for Mental Health Week, he reports how this was pointed out to him by a woman from the NHS.

But a far better answer came from the woman from the NHS who spoke after me and who could not have been clearer that the government had delivered huge extra resources for the NHS, and the NHS staff were making that money work to deliver real improvements. And as she spoke, I thought what a crazy world we live in - that Labour promised to 'save the NHS', has done so, with enormous consequences for people's lives and livelihoods, and there is a risk of the country voting in extremists and opportunists because Gordon is copping it for every MPs' expenses claim.
I agree, and Cameron will slash services. However, this is what I said to him in response:
I know all this Alastair - I'm culturally Labour. But like a lot of gays in the US are getting with Obama, as an advocate for gay asylum seekers I can't get past what monstrous policies Labour has overseen regarding them. When you know the personal situations it's nigh impossible. Plus I can see the Tories being *better on this issue! Truly.

I understand politically why this has happened - why, in general, the Home Office has been left to deal so badly with the whole issue of asylum - but this just makes it worse and really is an utter betrayal of Labour's core values. Miliband is right now, like the USA, completely ignoring /denying the pogrom of Iraqi LGBT! Plus LGBT Labour have just ignored asylum, only now taking any interest.

I'm sure there are other previously loyal people who feel betrayed and it isn't good enough to just keep saying NHS! NHS! NHS! - it's marginalising and sending people (like me) to the back of the bus.

Locally I will (tactically) vote LibDem, in the Euros I will vote Green.
[I do know that others will have their reasons. These are mine]


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