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Monday, October 12

LGBT history making in DC: Inspirational, evocational, provocational

This twitpic from an inter-racial couple was massively retweeted

Sunday's march for LGBT equality in Washington DC was a non-stop fest of speech making. From the fantabulous youth to the glorious head of the NAACP to 'Let the sunshine in' (and virtually all stops in-between). It was a Call To Action and then some. It made me teary, it would make anyone who believes in civil rights, human rights, teary.

Here are my tweets (back to front):

You can watch the whole thing here and I will add video highlights as I find them.

Andrew Sullivan explains about this sign: 'It was made in 1965, four years before Stonewall, and the Mattachine heroes held it up in front of the White House on October 23 forty four years ago. Charles Francis brought it, and allowed me to hold it for a while. I am so proud to have been part of this movement, and so honored to touch one its sacred artefacts.'


Video from the day.

Agree with Andrew Sullivan that this over-view of the day is "a little cheesy" but the visuals are great.

Cynthia Nixon asked 'What is the most important issue?'

The wonderful BRIT Billie Myers - "bisexual and fucking proud of it" - performs 'America the beautiful' with Dave Koz.

March organiser, Harvey Milk's friend, AIDS Quilt creator, Cleve Jones: "If you believe that you are equal then it is time to act like it."

The INCREDIBLE Jamaican-American poet Staceyann Chin: "We have to be willing to fight for more than what makes us comfortable because what makes us human is the acknowledgment of a universal humanity,"

Julian Bond leader of the NAACP, American Civil Rights Movement: "When I am asked 'are gay rights civil rights' my answer is always 'of course they are'."

Andrew Sullivan at the previous evening's HIV/AIDS MEMORIAL Ceremony at The National Equality March: "Seems that gay men are more interested in getting a glimpse of Lady GaGa than remembering 300,000 gay men who died. That makes me very sad."

Urvashi Vaid, long time activist: "We must be prepared to engage in a more profound battle, for the direction of this country."

Straight 18 yo young man Sam Sussman also spoke. He'd won the 'Equality Idol' contest by submitting a YouTube video stating the importance of equal rights for everyone.

The Right Side of History Campaign is a movement of young, inspired Americans who have joined together to heed Sam's call.

A big section of young, some very young, speakers opened the Rally. What an inspiring bunch they were.


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  9. It would make anyone who believes in civil rights, human rights, teary.

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