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Tuesday, June 19

BBC America billboards

I think this is New York, they have live opinion polls in them. 'occupier? liberator?' 'citizens? criminals?' 'befriend? beware?' 'imminent? preventable?' Very good. Would grab me walking down the street.

Monday, June 18

Catch up Bytes

catching up, more later ...

  • Here's a prediction, we'll see a lot more of Mud In The Digital Age — Charles P. Pierce writes it up for the Boston Globe.
Imagine: One disgruntled, tech-savvy voter breaks into a presidential candidate's website and plays a dirty trick, destroying a campaign. Impossible? Inevitable.

  • TechPresident examining the - now - "Long Tail" of online video, with some examples. They note that decisions on what gets plugged on YouTube etc. isn't transparent, something which have raised.

  • Google has a new Public Policy blog. It was previously internal but they've made recent blog posts public.

  • Iran's big brother for bloggers
    Farsi is the fastest growing language online!
    Blogging's influence in Iran is undeniable. Recently, when Seyed Reza Shokrollahi found that his friend Yaghoub Yadali, an Iranian writer, had been held illegally in jail for 40 days, he blogged it (at; he got 5,000 hits. The next day the link had been spread through the Iranian blogosphere and into newspapers' headlines. Finally, the government was forced to release him.

    Blogging in Iran is not confined to particular groups. Even clergymen and hardliners who once viewed it as an "opposition" activity today have blogs of their own - along with gays and lesbians, who have their own communities online.