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Saturday, January 10

Living at -60°c

In Tok, Alaska, you put cardboard or leather across your car grill: "Otherwise, when you are driving, the cold outside air is forced into the car, quickly cooling it down until you literally have no heat."

Also: "The outer walls on our house are 12 inches thick. My husband says this is not typical. Usually, walls are 6 inches thick, I believe. But the foot of wall between us and the cold is why we can stay so warm in the house."

Heading to the general store:

A lil' reality check for us chilled out Brits :]

Music: RIP Eartha Kitt

Completely missed this as it happened at Xmas :{ Eartha Kitt is no more.

"The most exciting woman in the world"
Orson Welles

And anther side to her
"You send the best of this country off to be shot and maimed. No wonder the kids rebel and take pot."
Her response to Vietnam.

I had the enormous privilege of talking to her once, and my memory is of an utter professional, classy lady even when talking to a small Aussie music rag.

Live she was amazing. Just dominated all with a style unique in the way all genius acts embody. There was no one like her and never will be again.

This is OTT 80s campness, 'Cha Cha Heels':

C'est Si Bon

I Want To Be Evil

And would Eartha compromise for a man?

Excellent obit in the Telegraph.