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Thursday, August 7

Wednesday, August 6

Oh. Knarly

Update: Olbermann take, playing the whole Paris thang.

Back from a break and oh gawd this is brilliant.

If you hadn't picked up via the B.B.C. (er, yah), Paris Hilton has become an 'issue' in the US election via John McCain using her to slap Barry (Barack) in a s-tupid ad as just another celebrity (not "ready"). Whatta Bitch.

Here's how she has though this, like, totally viral vid painted the McCainites (aka "the little old white haired man") into a corner:

They know their candidate will be asked to respond, and that he has no choice but pretend he finds the whole thing amusing, or paraphrase Tucker Bound's [spokesman's] envious, childish response: "Paris Hilton might not be as big a celebrity as Barack Obama, but she obviously has a better energy plan."


Update: McCain offering his wife (aka, the "c+++t") to a "beauty pageant!:

23/6 have the IMs between Paris and "the little old white haired man":