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Friday, June 1

So called PR

bbc news screengrab, external links

How much do you think this link is worth?

How many times has this happened to me? Dozens.

I'm talking about seeing a story, say on the BBC. Following the link provided to an organisation the BBC's reporting the PR or research of and - groan - yet again I'm at a homepage with no reference to what the BBC's telling me about.

A deadend I'm unhappy with. Great branding work guys ... again.

Just had it with Web security firm Garlik who apparently told the BBC that of British kids online:
20% have met an online friend in person - and one-in-20 do so regularly.

Just 7% of parents were aware of their child's behaviour, the study suggested.

I say apparently (though are you surprised?) because on their website, there ain't nothing about it.

I also note that:

Garlik work with PR partners, Band and Brown Communications, ["A Cossette Communication Group company"].

I wouldn't hire them if I were you then! But, on the other hand, it's actually fairly rare IME to see a joined-up PR campaign in the UK — just follow the links from BBC News (what were their traffic numbers again .... ?).

Etre gets it mostly right, especially the hand-hold to 'show me' (though where's 'search', 'news'). Who the heck else? ... It's annoying!

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