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Thursday, July 10

egov bloggers and news sources

Dave Briggs has started, (and included me, thanks ;] ) and had a lot of suggestions to add to the site.

These are the feeds I've got in my Reader - and Dave's post + comments following mean I have a number of others to add. (There are some sources without feeds - shock - which are in my links list in the right column).

Getting very hard to keep up ;{ I certainly have ones I make a point to check (hey Dave!) but some mechanism to float more interesting stuff to the surface is definitely needed. I can't really see a way of automating this, it needs a human editor.

This is kindof what egov Victoria does, maybe somewhere like Public Sector Forums (only not just accessible?) could do it sustainably? Would be terribly useful!


  1. paul, maybe some dynamic tag cloud that analyzes words of current posts in the public blogosphere would help. It could be served as a daily feed.
    Rough but good enough.

  2. hey, great idea but done ;]

    some people in the US primaries formed tag clouds around conservative + 'liberal' bloggers.

    I don't know if they were the only ones with a service doing this but something you could serve through yahoo pipes etc would *indeed be useful.

    blog mention (with snaps of said clouds) here

  3. Mie Kujawski8.8.08

    Hey Paul, please add my blog "Public Sector Marketing 2.0" ( to your list. I work closely with over 30 federal government departments in Canada and advise them on leveraging social media in their marketing and communications efforts.