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Monday, May 18

My fave Twitter client

After casting around for a good Twitter client for the desktop I have settled hard on Twitzap.


  • updates automatically (and you can set how often it does this)
  • allows tweets even when Twitter is down
  • allows you to set up channels really easily to follow one person or a group or a search term / hashtag
I tried Tweetdeck but it kept fighting with my Firewall and their website offered little help. I also really wanted something running in my browser and not eating up more resources. Plus I really didn't like the interface.

Another service I really like is twittertise. Ostensibly an advertising client (gulp) it does allow you to 'pre-tweet'.

As I've noticed that people can miss tweets (I do), it's useful if you need to throw out a question or promo something to be able to set up a retweet over a few days or at different times. It's obviously a tool for abuse as well but like most things it has it's angel side as well it's demon one :]
Paulie draw my attention to Mashable's list of tools for managing multiple accounts.


  1. Have you tried Twitterfox? Small firefox extension and kinda neat (not 100% reliable but good when you don't want Twitterwatching to consume your time and energy).

  2. yep, prefer twitzap :]

  3. Seen this article?

  4. Thanks Paulie. Have added (forgot :/) my source for going through tools