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Tuesday, May 19

Your emissions are killing me

These two maps show, firstly, the world in terms of carbon emissions and, secondly, the world in terms of mortality as a result of climate change.

They come from a study published in the Lancet (pdf / more).

Humbled somewhat?

In an editorial (registration required) the Lancet identifies:

  • an astonishing lack of knowledge about how we should respond to the negative health effects of climate change
  • we have an immense task before us to address the inadequacies of health systems to protect people in countries most at risk
  • technologies have to be developed out of greater research investments into climate change science, better understanding about how to deliver those technologies in the field, and a more complete appreciation of the social and cultural dimensions into which those technologies might be implanted
  • there is a political challenge in creating the conditions for low-carbon living
As a leading foci for discussion on health, the Lancet is calling for nothing more than a bringing together of the disciplines of disease, food, water and sanitation, shelter and settlements, extreme events, and population and migration in this challenge.

And it says:
Too many doctors have been silent for too long about the importance of climate change to the future of health and health services.
HT: Ezra Klein


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