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Monday, July 16

More po-faced Americans

Oh dear, Slate has a good ole go at the EU's new YouTube channel — 'Gasping in horror at EUTube':

Far more succinct, an animated piece called "Everyone Can Save The Planet" compresses a whole day's bad LSD experience into 41 seconds. This one kicks off when a housewife with a Marge Simpson beehive turns the thermostat down and then becomes a superhero, shedding her frumpy dress to reveal a get-up that Barbarella herself would surely find de trop. It ends when a man moving down the street with the aid of a walker finishes a canned beverage, belches, feebly tosses the empty can in a recycling bin, and then transforms into a turtle and, spinning in his shell, ricochets off a Dumpster. In between, you don't want to know.

After pointing out that government films tend to be boring (Go on! ... ) they finally get to the compilation of sex scenes promoting European film (viewed 3.5 m times on you-know-what, for embedded video see the next post):
"Grow up & stop acting like horny teenagers."

The video is the Gauloise-smoking double of the famed montage from The Naked Gun, with the flowers and the booster rockets and the oil drill. Searching for its identity, the E.U. has tried to go highbrow-risqué—and landed at Leslie Nielsen.
Yeah gods, they don't even get the Delicatessan reference ... !

Lawd knows what they'd make of DiscoSarko. Oh wait, this was their take:
This election cycle, French voters seem to be turning to the Internet in greater numbers. You can find YouTube videos full of "macaca" moments à la française. Smart blogs, including one written by the smoldering grandson of former Prime Minister Pierre Mendès-France, cleverly call out the candidates' faux pas, while this silly time-waster makes an animated Sarkozy disco on your command.
Whereas Hillary's Sopranos parody [also embedded in an earlier post] had:
A strong script, a stellar cast (note the cameos by Vince Curatola, who played Johnny Sack [and a Guilliani supporter!], and a certain former president who prefers onion rings to carrots), and excellent production values.
That wasn't at all 'silly' then?

As I put it before:
Not much buzz in the Valley about Disco Sarko.

Compare official disco-dancing with this and this and this and this [what's tops on YouTube for presidential candidates]. Contrast. What does YouTube do after DiscoSarko?
Sarkozy was smart, the EU are smart. And lawd aren't Slate po-faced?

NB: below was an official product of the Sarkozy campaign.


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