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Thursday, March 20

Postscript: Obama addresses race: hear the whole speech, not the BBC's meme

Fox Attacks, which documents and organises against the lie machine that is Murdoch's US News channel, has produced this video. It links up Fox-originating anti-Obama memes with the rest of the MainStreamMedia.

Jon Stewart had some comments on the Obama speech MSM response as well ...

Huckebee defended Obama
and put Rev. Wright's comments in context: "I may be the only conservative to say this".

The whole speech is #1 viral video:

Viral sharing of this video: Spreading across the interweb like Wildfire!
Discovered 18 Mar 2008
1 duplicate videos
1,351 blog posts

And here's Virtual Vantage Points monitoring of blog reaction:

Text clouds from March 17 for U.S.-based Conservatives and U.S.-based Liberals:

Postscript: More Obama speech reaction - it's positive but you won't read about it


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