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Wednesday, March 12

Trying really, really hard

I wasn't going to blog this because I'm too kind :} but an email from Shadow Chancellor George Osborne's office claiming that the government eGov Minister, Tom Watson, is stealing George's lines landed with me and a lot of others yesterday. It came from a - I'm guessing - young staffer and George (maybe) nodded OK. Ya live, ya learn ...

Into the sharks lair ...

Simon Dickson

Amusingly, it condemns the Watson speech as a ‘mashup’. But hold on. Surely it’s entirely in keeping with the whole ethos of open source, to take good ideas and build on them? Didn’t you say mass collaboration was a good thing? :)
Yep, keep the humour in. It is funny :} We're not laughing at you, young staffer, but with you ...

Dave Briggs
Why not post this on a blog somewhere, point us to it and start a discussion around it?
Yes, told them that. Didn't seem that bovvered.

Mick Fealty in the Torygraph:
.. this is not exactly a secret. The free economy of the Internet means a lot of this stuff is common knowledge.
Funny how NetMums is somewhat of a meme here though, eh?

Nick Booth
To accuse the other party of stealing ideas simply because you are making the same argument is very tired Government 1.0. If you really believe in the power of collaboration then get involved in a conversation online with Tom, recognise your common understanding and ambitions and get on with improving the way we are governed, not disapproving of the fact that you agree.
Ministry of Truth go to town on the detail
Where shall we start?
Dizzy (he bites!)
Do we need more evidence of a Government that is really being led by the Opposition?
So that's one blogger on side with the plagiarism idea.

I am kind, and was in responding to the staffer. So, apart from Simon and others points, from those freebie tips:
  • Don't do this stuff if you're not going to put it on a blog with full links backup etc. — especially if you want follow up.
  • Expect the lot you've sent it to to examine it closely and not receive it as gospel.
  • 'We said it first!' is a bit schoolboyish/Westminster Village.
And my main point
  • This isn't of much interest to the public — meaning, try looking at what's actually not happening/going wrong. Directgov anyone? Or try 'India + sms' maybe to start?
Maybe they could get some ideas by actually reading some of the blogs they mass BCCed? As the staffer wrote back to me:
It is slightly frustrating that we haven't punched past the blogosphere with some of our online policies.
And ..
We are trying really hard.
Be kind, Paul, be kind ...


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