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Monday, October 27

$46,893,000 of free advertising

That's what TechPresident has calculated is the value of Obama's YouTube time.

This comes from getting Tube Mogul to work out how many views X length of video he's had — Obama 14,548,809.05 hours; McCain 488,093.01 hours.

Then get Joe Trippi to pass that number through a blender:

Math works like this. The City of Denver has 1.3million TV households -- to buy those households costs $350 per point ($350 to reach one percent of those households) to reach 100% of those 1.3 million for 30 seconds would cost $35,000. So to reach them all for an hour would be 120 X $35,000 = $4,200,000. To get to 14.5 viewing hours you multiply $4,200,000 X 14.5 = $60,900,000.

Now to take out the 300,000 of the 1.3million to get this really down to 14.5 million hours. 300,000 is 23% of 1.3 million -- so we reduce $60,900,000 by 23% = $46,893,000. We could have gotten rid of the 300,000 using the same method at the beginning to make this easier to understand -- but it is going to be around $46 million.
And that's just his campaign's own 1650 videos. Doesn't count or any of the rest.

Plus this is pull media not push.

Those are huge numbers.


  1. Thanks Paul, I've also linked to this post from the ICAEW's IT Counts post on 'Finance web 2.0'.

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