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Wednesday, March 12

Convenient right-wing language

Checking some blog reactions to the Mehdi Kazemi case I've seen a few right-wing bloggers making the usual arguments about 'not imposing our culture', 'he claims to be gay', 'the floodgates will open' and asking Jacqui Smith to 'stand firm'.

Here's what I told one of them:

  1. It’s not a ‘claim’ to be gay - that’s your convenient belief.
  2. “Deporting Mehdi Kazemi back to Iran” - you forget to add “to his death”.

    You guys always forget the last bit, knowingly back to his death. I wish you would actually say this instead of this pretend language.

    Say it. Stop talking ‘uphold the law’ bollocks and say it. ‘ We must be prepared to be tough and send people knowingly back to be hanged’.

    Are you a real Tory or what?
It interests me that they usually preface these opinions with a 'sorry but ...' then somehow forget to name what they're actually asking for. How convenient for their conscience.


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