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Monday, March 10

State violence in the Kenyan crisis

A photograph flashed around the world showing a screaming child left terrorised by the murder of his young mother in the outbreak of tribal violence in Kenya. Tracy McVeigh found the boy after travelling to a village near Nairobi and, in this compelling dispatch, pieces together the tragic story behind the callous killing that ripped his family apart.

  • Newsnight also carried a report on state violence in the Kenyan crisis this week, which covers the state's introduction of the feared Mungiki gang into the crisis - VIDEO.
  • The government's spokesperson — the appalling Alfred Mutua — responds: 'it is preposterous' - VIDEO.
Much of the violence and deaths in the recent crisis were not 'tribal' but carried out by the state, at last some proof is emerging.

Joseph Karoki has been amongst those trying to help this family.


Since the Launch of the Operation Save Baby Brian, Jeremiah has been able to conduct a postmortem and bury his wife Grace. Baby Brian still needs your help. Please donate below.

to Donate using Paypal go to VUMA KENYA and click on the PAYPAL BUTTON under Baby Brian’s picture.
For direct Bank Deposits in the US:

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